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Website Design vs Development.

Website Design vs Development.

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Website designing and Web development are one of the most sought-after skills and the eminently emerging professions in the world. With the advent of modern technology and the internet, people across the globe are going places in the field of information technology and the internet. As time passes, modernity comes in, and nowadays a lot of things have been, and are still being shifted on the internet. People hire developers and designers to create good-looking and efficient websites, which in turn give the services of online business, information dissemination, and a lot more. However, plethora of people are confused between web development and web designing; therefore, we have opted to cast light on the difference between web development and web designing to eliminate the ambiguity. So, let us start without further ado!

  • What is web design?

You can think about web designers as those experts who transform an idea, narrative or a story into a visually enticing design and employ their layout to create a user friendly and pleasant user experience throughout the whole website. In essence, they design the look of the website that how would it look? They improve the user-experience aspects of the website instead of coding or software development. Web designing includes working on the appearance or outer look, layout and often content of the website. Website appearance incorporates the colors, font and images used in the website to provide a fetching user-experience to the users. Layout generally refers to how the information is structured and divided into categories. A finely designed website is easy to use, aesthetically attractive and goes with the user group and brand/service of the website.

This process also involve decluttering of extraneous information and entities from the layout so that the user might not get distracted. Concluding this sub topic, we can safely say that the core role of a web designer is to design a site such that it evolves with time and earns incessant trust of the target audience.  There are two methods of designing a website:

1-Responsive design

2-Adaptive design

  • What is Web development?

As opposed to web designing, web development is the process of devising or writing coding or programming that enables the website’s functionality according to the owner’s requirements. It generally deals with the tasks associated with writing codes and programming for the websites for the hosting purposes via internet or intranet. Web development process consists of several phases like web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks. If we take it a broader perspective, it includes all actions, updates and operations necessary to create and manage a website. The professionals that develop a website are called web developers. Web development may range from creating plain text pages to complex web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications or websites depending upon the requirements of the owner.

There are mainly three phases of web development which are as follows:

1-Client-side coding

2-Server-side coding

3-Database technology

Predominance of the web developers use Most web developers use Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHP and JavaScript to develop websites.

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