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A Chandigarh-based animation studio known as Jeevan Solutions 2D Animation company specialises in producing captivating 2D animated explainer videos that effectively communicate your company’s ideas, concepts, services, and products. We at Jeevan Solutions 2D Animation Studios produce visually stunning videos (Animated Explainer Videos, Film Animation, Educational Videos, Corporate Videos, Whiteboard Animation Videos, and eLearning Videos) because we believe they are the most effective way to raise awareness of your flagging brand.

Our interesting and attractive animated videos are intended to inform your viewers as well as to advertise your goods & services. With our explainer videos, we as an animation business work effectively to ensure that you receive the highest ROI.

Chandigarh-based animated explainer video production company that also offers whiteboard animation, 2D animation, mobile app demos, YouTube marketing videos, and explainer video creation services. We provide our clients swift solutions to enhance and expand their traffic and sales through marketing videos since our team, which comprises a blend of creative and technical expertise, is an expert in motion graphics.

We are the top 2D animation studios situated in Chandigarh, India, and we offer you high quality, unique, and faultless products thanks to our fantastic approach to various marketing techniques.

Explainer Video

What does an Animated Explainer Video look like?

An animated explainer video is a short animated marketing video called “animated explainer video” used to simply, compellingly, and effectively explain a company’s products and services.

How Explainer Video Should Be Used?

We think that advertisements should convey results. Because of this, we work harder to build relationships than to make do with being a seller alone. We take our time to learn about your brand’s beginnings, your objectives, and the people you hope to affect. Most of our clients enquire about our process for making effective 90-second explainer videos.

It involves producing valuable content that is both appealing and beneficial, readily captivates viewers, emotionally attaches them, and then effectively conveys your main point. Your audience should find the content interesting enough to motivate them to take worthwhile action. And that’s exactly what we do to support you in achieving your objectives.

2D Animation Videos

What does 2D Animation Video Look like?

The word “2D Animation” refers to two-dimensional media. 2D animation is when a character or image is created in two dimensions and given movement to make it more engaging. This is the classic style of animation, with simple, unassuming characters moving vertically and laterally.

Why do we need 2D Animation Video for our business?

Because of its flexibility and wide range of stylistic possibilities, 2D animation is ideal for presenting stories. A 2D animated video has everything you need and is ideal for you if you want to convey your message using a typical fictional format with a beginning, middle, and end during which characters change.

Using computerised versions of traditional animation techniques, our expert animators create 2D figures or visuals. In 2D characters or images, we use techniques like onion-skinning, rotoscoping, and morphing to bring out the top. For commercial presentations, website promotional videos, educational videos, animated logos, and imitations, we have extensive experience offering 2D animation services.

Educational Videos

Why do we need Educational Videos for our business?

Animated educational videos can be far more effective than just text when conveying information. Educational videos provide viewers with interactive training, and the more involved your learning experience, the more in-depth it will be.

This is why everyone wants educational videos because they have a greater retention rate and have a more profound effect on the audience’s thoughts.

Advantages of using Educational Videos

Irrespective of the niche, educational videos can clearly help every sector. Here are some advantages of using educational videos for your business;

  • Introduce you as the Better brand.
  • Sharing functionality entices more visitors to your website.
  • An increase in social media activity
  • Free marketing
  • Boost your online sales and SEO.

Why Should You Choose Jeevan Solutions As A 2D Animation Company?

Our team is extraordinarily talented, naturally creative, and clever. To amaze spectators, our 2D animation studios conduct stringent quality tests and maintain extremely high accuracy levels. We guarantee the security of your data and promptly complete your assignment.


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