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How to leverage video animation to attract more customers?

Business tactics and ways to attract customers in the contemporary age have vastly changed since people are embracing modern fetching techniques to run businesses and attract customers? So, Are you interested in driving a lot of traffic to your brand or service? Well then, getting created fantastic video animations related to your business or service is one of the most effective strategies to boost your business to the next higher level. Videos prove to be more effective while you are marketing your brand or service as opposed to words. So, we have dedicated this article to how we can use video animations to drive more traffic to our businesses. So let us start without further ado!

What are different types of animation videos?

A plethora of reputable businesses and brands have been using animation videos to set forth their services and drive customers for the last decade. Moreover, there are different types of animations and showcasing techniques that help them to drive a lot of traffic and then eventually converting a good proportion to lead.

Here is a brief description of different types of animations:

1-2D animation:

The most prevalent form and the most used type of animation is 2D animation. In this animation, an environment, containing 2-dimensional pictures of specified height and width according to the size of the video, is formed. This animation type has progressed very rapidly since it was launched, it has reached an extremely fascinating level and lead to the creation of many 2-dimensional movies.

 2-  3D animation:

It is the extended version of 2D animation, which also adds the 3rd dimension that is the depth of the image. In 3D animation, we can add carious motions, lights of different colors, and realistic textures along with fetching background effects. All these things concur to visualize videos in a convincing way. Lately, we have noticed many 3D animated videos which regaled the public a lot! Nowadays, a large number of businesses use 3D animated videos to showcase and tout their products and services and it has also proven as a successful marketing tactic.

3-Explainer Videos:

It is a short-form video usually created for marketing or sales purposes that showcases and touts a company’s product, service, or business idea in a provocative and efficient way. The predominance of the business firms and companies host explainer videos on the landing pages of their websites.

 4- Motion graphics:

It is a type of animation but its major part is text. It can be safely called the best form of animation that infuses life and attraction to the stories and plans.

Software used for animation:

 1-Adobe Character Animator

2-Cinema 4D


 Importance of Animation videos in Business

In a business when you have accomplished creating the product, the next step is to make sound preparations for the advertisement and marketing of the product. Contingent upon the scope and efficiency of marketing the product or service through finely made animations,  you can earn a better sales rate for your product.

1-Animated videos are very helpful for getting better search engine status. Website pages having animated videos receive efficient and better backlinks.

2- The use of whiteboard animation or 2D animation types is an efficient tactic to promote products and services. It is great in simplifying the complex terms related to the product for clientele, urging them to try the product.

3- Customers can be engaged in a better way via animated videos. Compelling videos not only serve as a goad to purchase for the buyers but also entertain them while giving information about the product.

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