weight loss

Best way to loose belly fat, loose belly fat

Best way to loose belly fat | loose belly fat | Best Exercise to loose belly fat.

weight loss
how to loose fat easily

In this post you will learn how to decrease weight and lose fat in just 1 month without any exercise. You will follow instruction. I am 100% sure your fat and weight will lose immediately after follow instructions. So we will start your post please tread all carefully,

Best way to loose belly fat | loose belly fat | How to loose belly fat | How to loose fat without exercise.

Drinking water:

It had been thought that there is a link between drinking water and losing weight plus burning fat. This talk had been proved through various studies. There is a study that had been done on an obese woman. The act was increasing the water intake up to one liter per day within 1 months period. It was found that there was 5 kg of weight loss.

(1).  The evidence about the strong correlation between drinking water and losing weight is other several studies that had been done over overweight people who consumed about one and a half liter daily within few weeks and they experienced an obvious reduction in weight and losing fat.

(2)    Doing cardio exercises and increasing the frequency:   

Doing cardio exercises is one of the best effective methods to increase the fat burn, there are many types of research and studies that support this theory.

There are about 16 studies that indicate that the more cardio exercises that were done, the more belly fat individuals could lose.

(3).  There are clinical trials that had been done to indicate that doing cardio exercises as running, walking, cycling and swimming are the best methods to lose belly fat and waist circumference body fat.

(4) Having coffee:  Coffee is a primary fat burning supplement

As coffee contains caffeine, that central nervous system stimulant that can boost metabolism and break the fatty acids. Coffee will drink but without add sugar.

(5). There is a meta _analysis of randomized controlled trials that had been done among 606 participants. The results were included that for every doubling in caffeine intake, the mean decreasing in weight, body mass index, and fat mass decreased 2 Beta-fold. Overall, this current meta-analysis demonstrated that caffeine intake might enhance weight, body mass index, and body fat reduction.

(6) Having enough iron in your Diet:  There is a link between low levels of iron and being overweight, the evidence here is a study that had been done on 21 women. They were treated for the iron defect. The result was that they experienced a decrease in their weight and body mass index.

(7).  It is known scientifically that low levels of iron in the body can lead to disturbance in thyroid gland function. This can lead to the case that is called hypothyroidism. That means a decrease in thyroid hormones which means a weight gain.

(8)  Avoid Sugar:- Avoid sugar is also best source to decrease your weight and loose belly fat in lowest time.                                                              

(9) Having high intensity interval training (HIIT):

Having HIIT exercises is an effective way for fat burning and losing weight. What makes this type of exercise different and unique is that HIIT helps the body to burn calories in a shorter time.

Many studies enhance this theory;

There is a study that had been done on young men who were performing HIIT about 20 minutes three times per week. The result was losing about two kg and this was associated with no change in the diet. This is besides losing belly fat. (8).

As said HIIT exercises are unique as it was found through a study that it can burn up to thirty percent more calories than other exercises as cycling and jogging within the same amount of time. Above mention all possible solutions to decrease your weight asap

Best way to loose belly fat, loose belly fat


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